Earlier this week I had lab work done. It was a wake-up call. Although the heart attack I suffered last year was not related to metabolic problems like high cholesterol and clogged arteries the lab work last week showed that I was heading in that direction if I didn’t change my course.

This is simply because I hadn’t been careful with what I had been eating. I was eating more bread, crackers, muffins, cookies, and more. I had gained a little more around the waist but not enough to change clothes sizes.

Over 6 years ago I had changed my diet for the better. I had lowered my cholesterol, blood pressure and weight so knew I better than to eat simple carbs daily. I knew shouldn’t be doing this but after the heart attack, I started rationalizing that it was ok to have a break. Hmm.

That lab work last week stressed me out! Stress is not good for anything but getting away from danger! Long-term stress can hold on to fat in the body and can cause all kinds of health problems. I need to be healthy not only to give myself a more successful life but also to also feel good while I am at it. I decided action in the right direction was required. So here is the affirmation I have for me and you. Let’s do this! Let’s get the subconscious mind to work for us!

Good health makes room for successful endeavors.

I take care of each aspect of my entire being. When I pay keen attention to mind, body, and soul, I am more successful in life. Practicing good health makes a favorable outcome for each endeavor more probable.

Taking care of my body means giving it a good combination of exercise, rest, and a healthy diet. Those things contribute to good health.

Having a healthy body helps me withstand challenges. Physical trials rarely intimidate me. I know that my body is strong and able to counteract them. Being in good physical health is a blessing beyond words.

Being mentally strong allows me to brush aside difficulties that test my resolve.

I build my confidence and self-belief through affirmations. When I look in the mirror each morning, I remind myself that I am a champion. I know that I have what it takes to do well.

Maintaining my mind and body in good condition is crucial for keeping me competitive. I welcome competition because I know that I am ready for it.

Today, my health is my utmost priority. Taking care of each aspect of my existence makes me a formidable human being. The challenges of life are more manageable because I commit to equipping myself with the natural strength to overcome.

Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. How do I practice good health at home and at work?
  2. What are some of my daily activities that are likely contributors to ill health?
  3. How do I know how far to push my body and mind before they break?

We as humans can always slip up, fail if you will, but learn from it as quickly as possible. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again (in the right direction). Use that subconscious mind to your advantage too. Reach out to me if you would like to know more about the foods and supplements I have in past and will now be using in my health journey. You can also contact me here.

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