I’ve tried and tested many tools and courses. Some were great, some not so much. To help you in your journey to Success, these recommendations are ones that I stamp my personal approval on. I personally use these tools in my business right now today!

Please note: Some of the Tools below have my affiliate link attached and I may earn a small commission, no extra charge to you, of course.

I share these tools on this page, not because I make a small commission when you purchase the tool, but because I use these in my daily business and they are helpful to me. When deciding on a certain tool or program,  ask yourself “Will this Help me to Achieve My Goals?”

Strong Immune Resource Guide

Strong Immune Resource Guide

This guide is to help you. When you feel tip top it helps you perform better in your business.

The guide gives you herbs and foods that help support your body's immune system. We can all benefit from eating the healthiest food choices. There are even some essential oils that are helpful. This is a freebie, hope you enjoy!

Start Your Own Blog With EasyAsEmail

You will be pleased to know that blogging has become easier when you can use a technology that simplifies  blog and video posting so you can spend more time enjoying life rather than in a WordPress dashboard. 

Contact me and ask me how you can start easily and if I have a special deal running at the time you see this. I am only looking for someone who is serious about building their website but has little knowledge on how to start.

Click here or on the picture to learn more.

Having your own email list is important

Your followers find your information valuable and want a way to connect with you. Social media is grand but your contacts on those platforms are really not yours to import into any new platform, that's called spamming. And as you have seen in the past your pages and information are all under each of those platforms' control. As it should be because you would want to have control of your own platform, would you not. So an autoresponder service is important. I recommend GetResponse. The first month is free and the 15.00/month plan is all you really need to start and grow.

Having a video service that doesn't have ads is important

Video content is big, especially short video. But using free services filled with other peoples ads is not very good for keeping people long on your blog. Use other video sites to bring people to you. Use ad free video service to keep people on your site.  Many of these hosted video sites cost a lot of money. I recommend VidUber because you can start at a low monthly cost or even pay for a lifetime service. I am using the monthly. Start for free! You can even earn affiliate income on your blog too when you find out how vital it is and share it with others. It has one of the best affiliate plan I have ever seen.

Secure instant access to software, scripts, mp3s, movies, multimedia, content, ebooks, templates & niche marketing material. They have hundreds of superb resources to launch, reinvent & grow your online biz starting today! They are the #1 source of supply for the majority of hot selling digital information products on the web. 

There's No Other Source Like!

Today I am gifting you a Silver membership to the SureFireWealth family - You need content and here is content. Look for the private label rights which you can even adjust and call your own. (You may need to upgrade to get access to more PLR content.) Join their 70,000+ Member community so you too can take your business and profits to a whole new level...

Another great option is Get 10 free credits when you use my link for I really love their high quality content and you can easily make it your own.