Great to meet you! I'm Marie Gervacio the Gutsy Grandma

Have you ever had a desire to share your passion with the world, or even simply with a few others beyond your closest family and friends? Have you ever wondered if you were living the life you were meant to live?

Wondered if there was something awesome out there for you, if you were meant to inspire others, if you were meant to make an impact? That was me for as long as I can remember and as far back as when I used to create classes for my siblings and "teach in play school".

Life has a way of sidetracking if one lets it. I definitely let my lack of focus get in my way and at the beginning didn't create a roadmap, so to speak, to follow my passion.

But lots of life experiences have not been lost in the foray and they have molded me into the person I am today with a plan to share things to do and not to do when in monetizing passion.

I discovered a network of friends via my entrepreneur relationships that have helped me through the tough times. I also have strong family ties that are priceless. Having a community of support is gold.

Just before completely this website I was sidetracked again by a cardiac event that nearly ended my life. The best made plans can be derailed as well. But if almost dying doesn't open one’s eyes to the importance of sharing and living purposefully well then, I don't know what would do it.

What is your passion? My passion for health runs deep and you will see that I have blog articles to that effect. I also love creating and teaching so you will see that come to fruition here with my blogging resources and teaching. My art is highlighted under the artwork page which has mostly my photography prints, but more drawing will be added with time.

When building a blog/website value is crucial and I hope you will find much value here. But we must all eat to live, and a bed is better than the street so you will see links throughout this and my other sites that lead to affiliate income. If you find value in what I offer for free, please comment and show some love. I will virtually hug you back. If you see something you need that has a cost and end up purchasing through one of my links, I will virtually hug you too!

If you find you want to learn how to monetize your passion click the work with me page above or the contact me page and let me know.