Today's podcast is about goals and taking action. Affirmations are important to set our mind in a positive direction and using “I am” is very powerful when speaking your affirmation. So powerful that is important to be careful the words you put after “I am”. Make sure they are always positive. You can listen to me speaking the affirmation on Spotify or on Apple podcast.

I am in control of jump-starting my goals


I am self-motivated when it comes to taking action to achieve my goals. No one has to tell me to get started! I set goals because they are something I desire and my passion drives me to get what I want.


The very first thing I do when I set a goal is to write up an action plan. I determine all the tasks necessary and then start right away on some easy tasks to build confidence and momentum.


I know that challenges will inevitably arise on my way to my goal. I proactively prepare myself for these challenges so I can take them in stride when they happen.


If I find my motivation waning, I can revive my passion with my handy tools.


First of all, I repeat positive affirmations regularly to keep my focus on successfully achieving my goals. With affirmations, I can stop negative thoughts at their outset. They never even have a chance!


I use meditation to melt away my stress so it does not distract me. I imagine myself already having achieved my goals. I feel the joy and exhilaration of accomplishment, and these feelings persist throughout my day.


Finally, I write down my goals and keep them handy. I design vision boards with vivid images of my objective. I post notes and pictures at home, at work, and on my computer.


Today, my plan is to take positive action to complete at least one task that moves me closer to my goal.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. Have I written an action plan?
  2. Do I take challenges in stride and continue on my path toward my goal?
  3. What tools work best for me to keep me focused on reaching my goals?

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