young woman looking by one eye through her fingersRalph Waldo Emerson is credited with saying, “Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.” There is truth to what Mr. Emerson has said, but if it's true why is it so hard to do those things that frighten us? Well, because facing our fears feels scary!

And, let's be clear. There are several types of fear. We have all had that gut feeling that something just isn't right. And certainly, this feeling should not be ignored. It's usually a sign that there is something dangerous or a situation that will require our attention or care. We have these built-in warning signals to help us navigate situations that can cause us harm and this is a perfect time to pause and address the situation at hand.

But, there's another type of fear. There's the fear that comes with doing something difficult, but also important. It has been suggested that the moment we feel fear is actually the moment we are facing an important opportunity for growth. If we can get past the idea that the feeling of fear is a sign of danger, we just might be able to use that powerful emotion to keep us moving when we want to stop. This feeling of nervous fear is often a sign that we are facing a window of opportunity for huge growth. If we can move past that fear and start getting forward momentum, we just might find ourselves in a land of new opportunity. An exciting opportunity can be right behind the door if we dare to open it.

Think of someone you admire who has done something unique or new that has changed your world or even the world at large. They were likely terrified through the entire process! It's important to remember that every individual who has done something remarkable was likely frightened through the entire process and most likely still is. The difference is they have learned how to lean into that feeling of discomfort that we sometimes label as fear and to use it to their advantage.

So, what do we do about it? How can we get over the speed bump of fear that can keep us from moving forward? Here's a challenge for you:

1. Make a list of 5 fears that if conquered will help you achieve your purpose.

2. Choose one and tackle it.

3. Repeat!

The result? Each time you complete the process the ensuing burst of energy and confidence will propel you forward to tackle the rest of your list. Good luck as you face your fears! But, what that really means is good luck as your climb those mountains in life that will help you realize your greatest dreams. You've got this!

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